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Hilton Rijeka costabella beach resort & spa

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we took care of project and production of all the Costabella Hilton Hotel common areas.

This project was born in 2019 with the goal to create a space that could allow the hotel guests to feel a unique experience by being sorrounded with shapes, colours and forms reminding of the sea and its sinouos forms. We have completed this project focusing on the concept that all Details should have become the main feature for an unique enviroment.

In this hotel, A brand new luxury mood can be felt immeditaly at the entrance, where lobby brass and marble details come to life once enlighted by the sun rays and the shiny atmosphere highlights our collection Opale.
Opale collection has been the inspiring muse for all the project, as its shapes reminds the endless water movement.

In the lobby guests can walk among the cliffs, represented by our well known coffee tables Poesia, which we consider a tribution to Nature and its creations.

We have developed the project analyzing the clients’ expectations, so we decided to present an art deco atmopshere in the executive lounge. Our collection Diamante with details in burnished brass and emperador marble, surrounded by the leather scent of the upholstered pieces made this target real.
We took care of the meeting room, where the high wall panels have become the indisputed focus by wearing the enviroment with natural and prestigiuos material. This choice was made to ensure elegance with personality to company meetings.

For the wellness area the hotel appointed us to create two different master pieces. This has been a real challenge for Bamax team, which has achieved its best with this two beautiful craftmanships.